Hi everyone! Just a little something about me. I just graduated from California State University of Northridge with a Business degree in Marketing. I have been interested in making jewelry for almost 2 years now. It all started with a shopping day at Nordstrom with my boyfriend's mom. I was looking at all the fashion jewelries they had for sale and being a girl, I absolutely love jewelry but you don't need me to tell ya that! Anyways, I saw how simple it seemed to make jewelry so the next day I decided to borrow a bead box from my boyfriends mom, who has bought a box full of different beads and supplies that she never touched for 3 years! I thought to myself, why not just make some random stretchy bracelets. That is what I did, next thing I knew I started researching on the many techniques to make jewelry. I learned all the basic and essential needs that I needed to educate myself well enough to make jewelry. Even till this day I am learning new things. I am constantly learning different techniques and medias to make jewelry. My goal for my jewelry shop is to have a wide selection of various styles and prices so that there is something for everyone!!!...I strive to provide intricate and unique jewelries with quality in the workmanship. I hate to say that I am a perfectionist but it bothers me a lot when things aren't neat or uneven etc... I hope everyone will enjoy my jewelry pieces as much as I love making them!!!

Oh, I have to mention (just because I love them so much) I have three cute pugs - as seen in the picture: from left to right we have Cookie, Luckie, and Bagel - Cookie is 6, Luckie is 5, and Bagel is 4. Cookie and Luckie mated and had puppies. She had 6 puppies - i say she had too many for her small body - one passed away 2 weeks after being born because of a defect it had (so sad) and we were left with 5. The worst part of all was actually naming the puppies and then having to give them away. But I have to say it was a good experience and I am glad I went through it.

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