Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Don't know if this would be at all interesting but it'll be random..-haha- but I had to blog about something!!!!

My past blog was about my newborn niece, she is doing very well. Now she weighs 10lbs and is about 5 weeks old. She is super adorable.

My graduation commencement day is tomorrow (Thursday - May 26th) - yay finally graduating college after 3.5 years and i am nervous. To me, if I had to choose, I rather NOT walk BUT my dad insisted me that I had to since it will be one of my many accomplishments in life. So, i said "okay then."  Great, i'd be walking up and I'd be crying of embarrassment haha - jk. But the best part is I received several graduation gifts from relatives and it was super sweet of them. I got more gifts than I usually do on my birthdays!!! haha~

hmm.. what else.. oh I applied for a Real Estate Broker License at the Department of Real Estate California and I received a letter from them telling me that I have been APPROVED - YAY~~!!!! I was so happy to find out that I can basically just skip the real estate agent license and apply straight to a broker because of a four year degree. I had to take additional 8 real estate classes in order to qualify to apply. Now that I've been approved I can now take the state exam. I am super nervous but Im going to go take a 2--day crash course to get me warmed up :). Applying for this is expensive, its $400 for the application fee and the brokers license fee. If I didnt pass the state exam then every time I retake the exam there would be a fee. Sigh~ Hopefully ill PASS!!! - keeping my fingers crossed ><

OH the best part is..... I made a few sales the past month!!!! I am super duper happy. hehe haha~ I think most of it is from the efforts of the Frenzy Team!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH TEAM!!!

More new jewelry pieces coming soon!!! -I am patiently waiting for the sun.. (-.-")-

:) Thats about all the update I can think of right now. Thanks for reading!!!!