Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hey everyone!!!

Todays blog challenge is a tour of my workspace. I dont have a proper workspace so im currently using the dining table and im super embarrassed but beware its SUPER messy!!!!

yup lots of stuff, still dont think this table is going to cut it
i think one of the reasons why my workspace is so messy is that i dont have a bookshelf or some sort of shelving system

Well here you go, that is my current workspace. Hope you enjoyed the tour.

I am currently designing my own table out of wood. it is going to be a custom workplace for my jewelry making needs. I cant wait to build it. ill keep everyone posted!!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Hey readers,

Im off to Hong Kong tomorrow on a red eye leaving at 12:05 midnight. The last time i went back was during christmas of 2009, then the last time i went was summer 2005. Between that 4 year gap, oh man, Hong Kong have changed. Im excited to see what else is new and improved.

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment! Taken during Christmas of 2009!
Taken on the airplane
 Taken on the 36th floor
 New LV store that wasnt there in 2005

 New Chanel store that wasnt there in 2005

 New building/mall that wasnt there in 2005

 New Tiffany & Co. that wasnt there in 2005

 This is what the subway system loos like. From what i heard it goes through china now. when i use to live in HK the subway routes werent that many!

 I saw the Swarovski Blinged Mercedez!!!

 Night panoramic view of the city! during christmas and new years they light up buildings with images. i love it, its so pretty!

Santa Claus images on buildings!

I also went to Shang Hai for 4 days and It was my first time going into mainland China!!!! Super crazy, the atmosphere and living is completely different! I swear you think smog is bad here in the US, smog is worse in China! There is no blue skies, it was all gray and dull. Food was YUMMY tho!!!!

Here are some pictures i took of Shang Hai!

 Its so pretty walking here at night!

 Awesome saxophone player on the building!

 I forget what this place is called, but its super old!!! lots of great food and shopping!

 Look at these BIG butcher knives!!!

We also went to a town next to Shang Hai, I forget the name but its a peaceful village

Back to images of Shang Hai, found this man making wire images. Super neat

This is the end result.

Well i hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking then! You know have a rough idea of what Hong Kong / Shang Hai looks like recently!! I will take more during this trip. Ill probably be popping into the team thread here and there!!