Friday, January 21, 2011


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Saturday is SOLO FRENZY!!! This week our solo frenzy is CrystalPhotography as by her name, she specializes in creating beautiful art with photography. Photography is and has been one of her hobbies and now her passion.

Crystal says:
" I like to think I’m filling in a gap that in my view isn’t out there. I really enjoy being behind the camera and learning new techniques and my equipment. I love trying new, unique angles on my subjects and then also playing around with it in editing programs to see what kind of unique print I can create."

Other than print photography, she utilizes her prints for calenders, bookmarks, and cards. Love to hand a beautiful print on that blank and empty wall of yours at home? Then go visit CrystalPhotography and see what you can put onto your wall!

Also, go check out her blog and be a FAN on her facebook,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fancy Crafts? Check out Angela's Paper Art!

Great talent is definitely hard to find let alone handmade items BUT when it comes to the site, Etsy, there are just tons and TONS of talented artists. Whether it is in making jewelry, clothes, home decor, and/or even crafts, I have met and became friends with many talented artists on Etsy. One of which is a talented artist named Angela.
Angela went to Interior Design school and applies a lot of her design principles into her crafts. She makes various craft items ranging from beads, cards, quilled paper, keepsake boxes and more!!!

Here are some of her stunning pieces!!!

Keepsake Box - Chocolate Orchid

Bright Pink and Gray Paper Beads


Blooming Heart Box

Roses Card

Red Heart Photo Card


Check out her shop for MORE GOODIES!!!

Follow her on: Twitter, Facebook, and her Blog.

Saturday, January 15, 2011



Galla specializes in making beautiful button, crystal and pearl jewelries. Her slogan "Trinkets N Whatnots" accentuates her entire shop. Today is her Solo Frenzy on Etsy! She has gorgeous jewelries that are made with great attention to detail. She is a very talented artist with many goodies for everyone!!!

Here are some of her items: if you love it? heart it! share it! buy it!

Swarovski Crystal Red Magma Button Ring Elements Diamond Leaf


Mother of Pearl and Green Button Necklace

Ruby Crystal Dangle Earrings Swarovski Elements



Thursday, January 13, 2011


Hey guys!!!

I have some new items but haven't had the chance to post on etsy yet... Let me know what you think.

The Amaryllis Pendant Necklace
Gorgeous Shiny Red Cluster Bracelet
Crystal Drop Necklace
Comes in a Topaz color: Crystal Topaz Drop Necklace

It comes in Aquamarine as well but thats already listed on etsy:
I have more items but havent taken pictures yet... hopefully sometime today :)


I have to say... I just recently joined the best promotional group on etsy and that is the promotional frenzy group. The people thats part of the group are absolutely outstanding. Everyone is so kind, caring and full of talent. The amount of work that each and every seller puts into that thread to help promote each others listings or shops is phenomenal. That is one of the reasons why I decided to create a blog page. All the sellers in the promotional frenzy thread inspired me to push myself forward by creating a blog. I honestly have to say that I don't think I would have ever created a blog. But I did!!! This will be my first blog in my blog!! (haha~).

Please visit all the awesome sellers in the promotional frenzy group on the left of the page. You will find a lot of great items! In the meanwhile my blog page is starting up and in progress. It will be updated here and there. I'd appreciate some follows, likes and comments please!!! :)


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